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ALL our  Waterwheel kits comes with written instructions  Water Wheels are broken down in
sections for quick reassembly. If YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS please fill out form on
Contact Us page or feel free to give us a call.
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4 foot  WaterWheel          6 foot  WaterWheel         8 foot  WaterWheel         10ft WaterWheel           12ft WaterWheel
4ft.WaterWheel ( fully assembled)
*14 inches standard width.  ** Treated & Stained **
*Standard axle 1in. 2 ft long solid steel
*Standard bearings 1in. sealed pillow block
* 4 ft WaterWheel shipped fully assembled
6 foot WaterWheel    
** WaterWheel Treated & Stained **
* 17 inches standard width.  
*Standard axle,1-1/2'' x 3ft long solid steel
*Standard,1-1/2 sealed pillow block bearings.
*6FT  Wheel shipped pre-assembled kit.
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8ft. WaterWheel  (Our Best Seller)
* Standard width is 24"
& 2" thick rim and spokes
** Treated & Stained **
* Std. Axle is 2" x 4ft long solid steel. Longer is available
* std. Bearings are 2"sealed  pillow block
* hubs are diamond plated on back for grater hold
10ft. Waterwheel
* std width is 25" wide &   2" thick rim and spokes
** Treated & Stained  **             
* std. Axle 2" x 4ft long solid steel
* std. Bearing is 2" pillow blocks
* hubs diamond plated on back  for grater hold         
12ft. Waterwheel
*std. Width is 26" wide &  2" rim & spokes
** Treated & Stained **
*std. Axle 3" x 4ft long solid steel  ( Harden Axle shafting steel )
*std. Bearings 3" pillow block
* hubs diamond plated on back        
BARREL KIT( OFFERED AS A OPTION )     Comes with barrel, pipe, chains &
hooks. Barrel comes ready for pump hookup. Pipe & spout are already installed.The
pressure treated 4 x 4s are not included but are store bought length, so no cutting
should be needed. All measurements & details will be included with barrel kit.
Any of our Water Wheels can be picked up at our shop to save on shipping..
Installation is available
We offer installation on 8 foot & larger water wheels, if you prefer us to do it for you.
Built to Last      (Needs no maintenance or replacement parts!)
Our water wheels are built with rough sawn southern pine that we buy straight from the mill
and treat our selves with our special   treating process; it's environmentally safe, It contains
no arsenic, will not warp like pressure treated!  We use southern pine because its much
more stronger and  durable, the grains will not separate like cedar. Some of Our water
wheels have carried huge unbelievable amounts of ice and are still running strong with no
problems. With all our water wheels still running strong including our very first with no
problems in 12 yrs I see no reason that they won't last for many more years to come.
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Product Page
4ft waterwheel by Sullivan Waterwheels
12 foot waterwheel built by sullivan waterwheels
one  kit also includes bolts, nuts and washers and bearings
8 foot waterwheel for a grits mill in GA. Sullivan WaterWheels
Our 6 Foot Waterwheel, 8 Foot  Waterwheel & 10 foot  Wheels can be purchase fully assembled for  the same price
listed below. However, customer  will have to pick up at our shop or be in charge of arranging  shipment.
12 foot WaterWheel In SC Built by Sullivan WaterWheels
8 Foot WaterWheel in NC using sullivan waterwheel kits
12 foot with ice in SC Built by Sullivan waterwheels
10 foot waterwheel kit in Tenn. Built by Sullivan WaterWheels.
12 foot waterwheel in Hickory NC by Sullivan waterwheels
Barrel for our waterwheels
4 foot WaterWheel
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8 foot water wheel on river in NC.