10 foot  wheel
Our 10 foot Waterwheels are great for medium to large garden ponds, rivers
streams or lakes. The 10 foot  waterwheel Can be placed in yards, gardens or any
landscaping need
for a great focal point. 10ft Water Wheels Can be purchased fully
assembled and picked up at our shop or Shipped to you in pre-assembled kits for
hard to get to places that trucks, tractors or to places that trucks, tractors or lifts
can't reach, even indoors!
10 foot Water
wheel Kits are broken down in 8 sections for easy reassembly.
Standard 10ft. Water Wheel
* std width is 24" wide &   2" Solid thick Rim and Spokes
Treated & Stained  **   All our  Wheels comes Stained at No Extra Cost          
* std. Axle 2" x 4ft long solid steel
* std. Bearing is 2" pillow blocks
* hubs diamond plated on back  for greater hold  
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10ft kit
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Wheel size
Barrel option
10 Foot Water Wheel & BARREL KIT  
Comes with every thing above in item #10FWO and Barrel kit. Barrel kit includes, barrel, pipe,
chains & hooks. Barrel comes ready for water hookup. Pipe & Water spout are already
installed. The pressure treated 4x4s are not included . All measurements & details on Barrel
stand will be included with barrel kit.    
 Item # 10FWB    

reg. $4050 Order Now for $3675 plus shipping & handling                      
Ordering Procedure & Payment
Payable by Pay Pal,  or E-Mail us if you prefer paying by check or money order.

***We keep no extra stock, built on order only..
All water wheels built on a prepaid basis only and are usually shipped within 2 to 4 weeks.
During some seasons theres a higher demand that may take a little longer. You will be notified if
it will take longer then 4 wks !  
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10ft. Water Wheel
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$595 depending on where you live!!
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