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Photo Gallery page 2
Photo Gallery page 2
8FT garden WATERWHEELS, kits by sullivan waterwheels
8 foot Water Wheel Hendersonville NC
If you have purchased one of our WaterWheels or kits, send us a picture, we would love to show it on our site.
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Another 8 foot  WaterWheel going to  Hendersonville NC
6 FOOT WATERWHEEL FL..Garden WaterWheel Kits By Sullivan WaterWheels
6 Foot WATERWHEEL Kit. Garden WaterWheel Kit By Sullivan WaterWheels
6 foot  Water Wheel FL
6 foot Wheel Fairfax VA
More Pictures of the Boyer Mill with a 6ft millwheel in Fairfax VA
6 foot Landscaping  kit in Maggie Valley NC. by sullivan
Jarrett,    These are a few pictures of the waterwheel we purchased from you about a year ago.
We are located in Maggie Valley NC... The  wheel looks beautiful displayed at our Lodge, Smokey Shadows.  
I may be interested in another water wheel this spring.  
Have had many compliments on this one.
Thank you,
Bud Shinn      Smokey Shadow Lodge     
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Custom order 32" wide 6ft watermill  going to Hampton, GA
 (Costumer pickup)
8 foot watermill going to TRUSSVILLE, AL
(Costumer pickup)
12 Foot Watermill kit shiped to Hato Rey, Puerto Rico  
10ft  Watermill installed inTennessee
The wheel arrived today. I am
pleased. Nice packing job!!
All the best.....Bob
4 foot to Canada
Hi Jarrett-we love the waterwheel.
Plantation, FL
8 Foot Millwheel kit shipped to Plantation, FL
Buyer  Hooked it up to a Corn / Grit Mill and did a great job.
Jarrett, Here are a few pics of the waterwheel once
completed. We receive many compliments.
Thanks for all your help. Anthony-
6 Foot Waterwheel kit Allen, TX
6ft Waterwheel &
Barrel kit

Allen, TX
Hey there.....Hugh l from Johnsonville, SC here.  What do you
think?  Love the wheel.  At night, it is awesome.  Thanks.
8ft   Millwheel South Carolina
We thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of our water
wheel.  Though we purchased it last year, we started working
on our water feature in March of this year.  We did all the
work ourselves with help from friends.  We are now putting
the finishing touches on it.  It  is truly a joy.  We call it our  
"Gratitude Garden" and it is dedicated to our dear mothers and
grandmothers.  Thank you for producing such a fine product!

Jay & Jackie
Griffin, GA
4ft Millwheel
One of our 4ft Waterwheels installed in Texas by Taylor Landscape Company
The waterwheel looks great!.The owners of Famous Dave's the bbq place that it was installed
liked it so much they blocked off the parking spaces in front of it to give it more exposure..
We are very pleased with the outcome. The owners of Famous Dave's really enjoy it.
Thank You, Stephanie
Hi Jarrett
My water wheel was delivered early this morning . It was
in fine shape. The workmanship looks first class,
It was a pleasure to business with you
God bless you & yours
Bill K, in Florida
8 foot water wheel on river in NC.
Jarrett  here are some shots of the water wheel installed
here in Barbados. We have 2 waterfalls on either side with
one spinning the wheel. Its working beautifully and
balanced perfectly. Needless to say its loved by all!
Thanks for all your help,
Regards, John E
5 Foot waterwheel
The water wheel went up without
any problems.     We are very
pleased with this project and had a
big party on Saturday to show it
off.  Thanks,Tom
6ft Waterwheel
The water wheel is awesome. My next project is to try to see how much
power it can generate so we can have the wheel power the pond lights.
I will keep you posted.  Thank so much, David
Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe Hotel & Ski Resort
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Custom 5 foot waterwheel
The water wheel is just wonderful, we
love it. My husband has been dreaming
about this project for over twenty years
now.     Thanks for all your help. Your
friend,  Pat    GERMANTOWN OHIO
10 foot water wheel
6ft Custom Waterwheel
Hey Jarrett, This is construction of the water wheel we bought from you. It
went together rather easy. Thanks a lot and I threw in a picture of the water
fall we have in our park just to show a little why our park is so special to us .
Thanks, Scott
10 foot Waterwheel TX
10 FOOT Water Wheel
Thought you would like to see the wheel that you provided to
The Old Mill Museum, in Weston,Vt. It went together very easily
and looks great under the Mill. If you look at the picture which
shows the area under the mill you can see the 1865 turbine that
powers our Grist Mill. The waterwheel is what ran the mill when it
was originally built in 1780.
Thanks, Dave
4FT Water Wheel FL
16Foot Water Wheel Jamacia
12Foot Water Wheel Nassau, Bahamas
6Foot Waterwheel Tallahassee, FL
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