Waterwheel Plan
With these plans you can build multiple size waterwheels easily. This is the
simplest way there is.
Have it cut out in less time than it takes to cut out and trace a paper pattern.
This waterwheel can be built using common ordinary tools. These plans will
not build a wheel exactly like we sell, however it will look very very similar as
we use machinery most don't have. This plan is shown using treated plywood
for the rims, for a easier and cost effective, long life mill wheel.
Receive Your Plans Fast!!! Same day on most occasions.   
Plans will be Emailed to you ASAP after you place your order!!!     
Learn How To Build a Water Wheel from someone with experience,  We have more then 12
years experience in building waterwheels.

*Plans shall not be sold, copied, reproduced, distributed, shown publicly, or
any other use other then their intent. (to help YOU to build  water wheels)
WaterWheel Plan # 1
Plan for 1-  4 foot  WaterWheel      
$15   Shipped by Email, anywhere in the world!!
Water Wheel Plan # 2
Plan for 5ft - 8 foot WaterWheel
$15   Shipped by Email, anywhere in the world!!
WaterWheel Axel Assembly
1in WaterWheel Axel Assembly
Can be used on Mill wheels up to 4ft
Comes with Axle, Bearings and Hubs.
*1in x 2ft long Axel
*Two 1inch sealed pillow block bearings
*Two 6in. Diameter Hubs With 1in. Lock collars

Ships UPS
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Water Wheels
Water Wheels
Water Wheels
4ft  Waterwheel
6ft  Waterwheel
8ft  WaterWheel
10ft WaterWheel
12ft WaterWheel
Water Wheel Plan & Parts
Water Wheel Plan & Parts
Water Wheel Plan & Parts
There is No Way you can build a waterwheel easier than this!!!
Waterwheel Plan
WaterWheel Plan
In GOD We Trust
1-1/2 Water Wheel Axel Assembly
Can be used on  Mill Wheels up to 8ft
Comes with Axle, Bearings and Hubs.
*1-1/2in x 3ft long Axel
*Two 1-1/2 inch sealed pillow block bearings
*Two 7in. Diameter Hubs With 1-1/2in. Lock collars

Ships UPS
HI Jarrett,
I am sending you a photo of my
waterwheel from New Zealand
which I made  from your plans.
The wheel turned out awesome
thanks to you.
Bought plans around Sept 2006
Regards Trevor
WaterWheel Built in New Zealand from  Wheel plans
Feedback and photo we received  on our Waterwheel plans
Click to Enlarge
Thought you might like to see what our parade float looked like.  It
was a two sided float with mirror image displays….two working
waterwheels… based on your
design plans.  Came out great!.
...And, we won first prize…
.Thanks again..
Stephen Jones
Construction Official
Township of Millburn
Millburn, New Jersey
(WOW First Place!! Great Job!!!)
millwheel from our plans
Click to Enlarge
To see more pictures we've received of mill Wheels built by using our mill Wheel Plans please Click here
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Waterwheel Built from your plans. John,  WA
Jarrett,  The waterwheel was easy to build thanks to
your detailed plans.  We had a lot of fun for $10.  
Henriette and Joep, ,  France.  
***Please Make sure you enter your E-mail
address correct when  ordering plans        
Even More Axle / Bearing etc. Options please Click Here
Free Shipping to US 48 States
Free Shipping to US 48 States