Setting Up Water Gardens
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Setting Up Water Gardens
: Gardening
By: Alitsa Neuyo  
Water Gardening is the latest fad catching up
in the area of gardening. It can take up the
form of a waterfall, fountain, or a pond.
Combining it with lighting effects, plants, fish
or adding rock boulders could create
mesmerizing effects. It is not at all necessary
that you set up a water garden in a natural
environment such as a pond. It can be very
aesthetically set up in any vessel or a plastic
tub that can hold waters.

You should be very careful in choosing the
spot for your water garden. It should
preferably be in the open area under the
direct sunshine. This is the very basic
requirement because both the fish and the
plants need lots of sunlight. It will also prevent
dead leaves from falling in the waters
It is very important to decide on the area and size you want for your garden. It
will ultimately depend on the budget you have allocated for it. In case you go
ahead without considering the budget aspects, the costs could go out of hand,
and it could get too expensive for you to handle. The size of the garden too
should be in proportion to the overall area you have for this purpose.

For the proper growth of aquatic plants, and for their roots to spread properly,
they should cover only half of the total watersurface. They can be of any type,
free floating, marginally submerged or fully submerged. Every plant has its own
characteristic. Some are known for their sweet aroma. While there are others
which give off more oxygen to keep the waters body healthy. Then there are
some which are simply beautiful to look at. Apart from being nice looking
creatures, the fish in the pond also keep a control on larvae, insects and other

In ponds or  gardens one of the biggest headaches is to keep it clear of algae.
Algae is usually formed if there is an excess of nutrients in waters. It can also
form if you over fertilize the plants or feed your fish too often. If you keep these
points in mind the algae problem in your watergarden will be kept in control to

Irrespective of their size, the water gardens need constant maintenance all year
around. The algae problem can be overcome by cutting down on feeding the
fish, and reducing the addition of fertilizers.

You can also install filters, or replace the waters in the  body occasionally. The
use of copper compounds such as copper sulphate is quite effective in
controlling the algae growth. But do not use it in excess. It could be fatal for
your plants and fish.

Water gardening does not involve any other extra efforts as compared to the
normal gardening. Even if you have never grown a flower in your lifetime, you
could still try outwater gardening for its simplicity to set up and maintain.

Alitsa Neuyo. She is the professional freelance writer. To read more articles
about Household Appliances, please visit : http:// and

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Setting Up Water Gardens
Setting Up Water Gardens
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