Rain Barrels, Saving You Money.
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The entire “green” industry is progressively focusing
more and more on environmentally friendly
production and products. With increased incentives
backed by government agencies as well as the
general consensus that environmental stability
needs to start now, more and more companies are
developing new innovative products to adhere to this.
In some ways it’s a shame that the only way to cause
change is through monetary incentive programs or
the need to be trendy, the counter-argument is the
need to put food on the table or fuel in the yacht or the
increased cost of doing business. Whatever the case
may be, positive change is good relating to the
environment. Now this isn’t stating change can only
happen through big business, even the end
consumer, can have a major impact. So you might be
asking, where’s my incentive program? The answer
is, certain products can actually save you money, and
this isn’t just pocket change. Hundreds of dollars per
year really adds up: take a minimal amount, $350 per
year. You save that in a high interest savings account, 20 years down the road you have
close to $10,000! Want to start saving money today? An excellent and reliable option is rain

So what is  rain barrels? Rain barrels are basically rain collectors that are placed at the
base of your down spouts around your home. If you have ever noticed how much rain water
pours out of these spouts during a sever rain storm, you can see the potential this product
boasts. And the advantages are simple, during a storm these barrels fill up, when it comes
time to water your grass again, you can attach your hose directly to the barrel. These rain
barrels have the ability to hold a lot of water, most can hold 60-100 gallons! With this
product you save in numerous ways: watering grass is expensive, you will notice a drastic
decrease in your monthly water bill with the usage of this product, grass replacement can
be expensive and labor intensive, this products ensures your grass stays healthy and
green, and lastly having extensive water around the foundation of a home can be risky.
Many of the down spouts found around homes, directs water into a pool which then seeps
into the ground and can potentially cause major problems with leaky basements and water
damaged foundations.

Many products are on the market claiming to save you money, and some of them will. The
advantage the rain barrels has, is the fact that not only does it save you money, it truly can
be a visual-appealing addition to your yard. These rain barrels are very enviro-wise, they
also have a very modern look which results in a very stylish piece of garden décor for your
backyard or home landscape. Various colors and textures are available, making them
adapt easily to your décor style. Take the positive step towards environmental stability and
make  rain barrels a part of your home! The rain barrel will save you money, in a stylish

About the Author: Shawn is a contributing writer for
http://www.gardensupermart.com He has been writing articles for
gardensupermart for 2 years and is a garden pond enthusiast who
enjoys wildlife, sports, and travel.

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Rain Barrels, Saving You Money.
By: Shawn McCulloch
Rain Barrels, Saving You Money.
Rain Barrels, Saving You Money.
Rain Barrels, Saving You Money. page
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