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Garden Design Tips
:: Gardening
By: Joanne Jones  
and just loved it? And then went home, took a
look at your garden and felt really depressed
at the sight of it? Don't despair; you're not a
failure. Even the best gardeners needed
practice to get it just right. To help you out,
here are some easy to follow tips that will
make your garden the envy of the

Take pictures of the same spot at different
times of the year. This will allow you to easily
compare the scenes to see what works in
each season or if there is anything missing.
You can also sketch new additions, such as
trees or statues, on the pictures to see what
they will look like before you add them.
When you visit public gardens, or even other people's gardens, take note of the
features that you like. Pay attention to items such as which plants are placed
together; what materials are used to form pathways or bridges; and where
furniture or other decorative items are located. As you view these items, ask
yourself which ones you would like in your garden. Write it down or take
pictures that you can refer to the next time you sit down to plan your garden.

Before starting a new garden bed, create outlines of where the borders will be,
so that you can see the shape and size before you dig. Use a garden hose or
even string to mark the edges. Since they are flexible, you will be able to easily
change the shape and size until you find the layout that works for you.

It's easy to ensure that you have colour throughout the year by choosing a
variety of plants. Before buying any plants, take some time to first research
them in gardening books or by visiting your local gardening center. Be sure to
read the labels to see what colour the plant will be at different times of the year.
Flowers are a great way to provide brilliant colours in spring and summer.
Evergreen trees provide a constant source of colour all year long, while
deciduous trees have leaves that change colour in the fall and some even have
bark that change colour in the winter.

Wait a few days before planting trees or shrubs in the ground. Place them on
top of the ground where you want to plant them. Then walk around and look at
the trees from different angles to ensure that this is the spot you want to plant
them in. Hint: Make sure that you can easily walk around the trees and that as
they grow, they won't be in the way of any foot traffic or growing against any

I hope that you have found these design tips useful. Keep them in mind the next
time you want to design your garden, or even just make it prettier, and you'll be
sure to have the best looking garden in the area!

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Garden Design Tips / ideas
Garden Design Tips / ideas
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