Put a Water Feature / Fountain in your Garde
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Put A Fountain In Your Garden
By: Jasper Sayer  
Usually, people install fountains for the benefit of the natural ambience it
provides. For some reason, being around a gorgeous scene of water gives you
a positive energy. This is also good if you practice Tai Chi or some form of yoga
or meditation. The constant drone of the water is exactly what most people need
to concentrate on what they are doing. Even if you're not into that kind of stuff,
just being in a garden with a fountain has a sort of meditative quality to it, even if
you're not trying to do so. I recommend it to anyone.

When you first decide to put in a fountain, you need to put great care into
picking out one that will go well with the rest of your garden. If you have any
other decorations, you want to consider if it goes well with your motif. Does the
fountain you're considering stand out in your garden like a sore thumb, or does it
look like it was meant to be there? If you're like me, you can't naturally tell
whether the fountain will be a good addition to your garden just by looking at it.
So my solution was to bring my sister (a natural at fashion design and that kind
of stuff) along with a picture of my garde n to the store. I was able to get her
expert opinion, as well as see for myself what it would look like. By doing this I
was able to pick a beautiful rock fountain that goes marvelously with the rest of
my garden.

However, I still had a slight problem with supplying my fountain with power. You
see, my garden isn't very close to my house. I thought it would look pretty tacky
to run an extension cord across my yard, so I had to come up with another
solution. I discussed my situation with a Home Depot employee, and he quickly
found me the exact solution I needed: an extension cord meant for being buried!
All it took was a few hours of digging a small trench across my yard, and I had
power to my fountain without an unsightly cord running across my yard. After I
got over this little hitch, my fountain plan went beautifully.

So if you're looking for a way to make your gardens a more classy and beautiful
place to be, I hope you consider installing a fountain. The whole process is
surprisingly inexpensive, and I think that you will be very happy with the results.
Having a fountain in your garden is not only soothing, but it also adds a lot of
character to an otherwise bland gardening. Remember, gardens are not just for
giving us vegetables! Gardens is a place to go when you want to retreat from the
outside world and dwell in your own thoughts with no disturbance.

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Things website.

Article Source:
A great way to spice up your garden is to
add a water feature. These can be both
soothing and aesthetically appealing. I've
found that there's nothing more relaxing
than sitting on a bench next to my garden
and listening to my fountain while I read a
good book or do some studying. Putting in
a water feature is fairly easy and relatively
inexpensive, and will add immensely to the
pleasantness of your garden. Also, the
maintenance level is minimal.
Put a Water Feature / Fountain in your Garden
Put a Water Feature / Fountain in your Garden
Put a  Feature / Fountain in your Gardens / page
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