We Use No Nails
Blades & Lining are held together with 3 & 4inch super threaded whether resistant screws. Will never back out or loosen, Ever!

Spokes Are Bolted on 6ft & larger Water wheels  
Bolts hold more pressure then screws in these areas, also allows our kits to be reassembled more quickly using the per drilled

Our Hubs, Gives a Superior Hold ( Will never slip or fail, EVER !)
With wooden water wheels theirs a problem with moister getting between the wood and smooth metal surfaces causing the spokes
to slip as if they were lubricated. (no mater how tight bolts are) this causes bolts to wear out larger holes, throwing wheel out of
balance and causing failure. We fixed this problem by developing hubs for 8ft and up water wheels with stubs on the back that
presses into wood as the bolts are tighten, making a nonslip hub that will never slip or fail !

Spokes go end to end
Our spokes carry load one end to the other, we leave no space in between.

Color Never Changes
The color we use  is the color all wooden water wheels will eventually turn to, no mater what the color was when new .
We changed to this color stain 7years ago and it has proven to hold up excellent the entire time. This color  also fits
well in any setting.
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Where water hits the wheel
Some of our top key ADVANTAGES
Where water hits the wheel
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