We now offer our exclusive wooden barrels.
Our wooden  barrels make an exceptional attribute to any part of your
home. Store them on the inside of your home or business for that warm
and cozy southern country  appeal. Upon many request for just our
barrels, we are now making them available to you. Our wooden  barrels
are a convenient way to store just about anything you can think of. Use
them to store dried peanuts, are as a potato barrel, are a flower pot.
They make a great Christmas or Easter gift filled with the favorite treats
of the one / ones you love. Also can be used a small trash can. What
ever you choose to do with your wooden barrel you are sure to love the
way it accents your home and the attention it will bring from friends and
family alike. Order now and give a great Christmas gift to Dad are
Grandpa/Grandma this Christmas season that they are sure to love and
Comes in Natural or  Stained
9" high x 8" Wide
12" high x 11" wide
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
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Wooden Barrels
$ 90.00 + shipping & handling in USA
12in. Wooden Barrel
9in. Wooden Barrel
$ 80.00 + shipping & handling in USA
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Not intended to hold water.
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Wooden Barrels
Wooden Barrels