Water Wheel kit being assembled !
The axle, hubs & bearings
are placed on the
Spokes are added using pre-drilled holes.
Sections are bolted to spokes
through pre-drilled holes.
By staggering sections across from one
another, weight transfer is minimized.
All bolts are tightened. Hubs
are fastened and locked down.
Kit Assembly
4ft  WaterWheel          6ft  WaterWheel         8ft  WaterWheel         10ft WaterWheel           12ft WaterWheel
That's it!!!
Now Enjoy!
Pre-assembled kits installed in a day or less (we make it as easy as we can for you)
Here at Sullivan's waterwheels we make  buying and installing as easy as we can for you. With our pre-assembled kits
theres no need for a crane or   forklift for installation.  Our water wheels are designed to be assembled on the stand, so
when you are finished with the assembly,  it's ready to turn. , we have broken them down in 8 sections for easy reassembly.
In most cases, 2 people can reassemble in 2 to 4 hours!
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Pre-assembled Kit
Kit Assembly
Kit Assembly
Kit Assembly
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