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Undershot water wheels

Undershot  wheels A vertically-mounted  wheel that is rotated bywater
striking paddles or blades at the bottom of the wheels is said to be undershot.
This is generally the least efficient, oldest type of wheel (with the exception
of the poncelet wheel). It has the advantage of being cheaper and simpler to
build, but is less powerful and can only be used where the flow rate is
sufficient to provide torque.

Undershot wheels gain no advantage from head. They are most suited to
shallow streams in flat country.

Undershot wheels are also well suited to installation on floating platforms.
The earliest were probably constructed by the Roman general Belisarius
during the siege of Rome in 537. Later they were sometimes mounted
immediately downstream from bridges where the flow restriction of arched
bridge piers increased the speed of the current.
While the overshot wheel is our most popular we do build
undershots on custom orders from time to time.

Here is some info. on the undershot wheels
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