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We have been building water wheels for 20 years. What started for me as a hobby turned into a business. I enjoy being able to do what I love.. Though we have been handcrafting water wheels for the past 20yrs, I have been in construction and wood working all my life. I was also very blessed to grow up next door to my grandparents who lived on a farm where I learned many valuable skills. My Grandpa also had a corn mill on the farm where he would grind his corn into corn meal and would do the same for other farmers .. He work in the fields and ran his corn mill up until he passed away in 1998. I have always been into this kind of stuff. I love the things of the past and love being able to bring a little of it back to life in these waterwheels. We also designed the barrel setup like you see in some of our pictures. I believe it helps our water wheels stand out to be noticed, and helps the waterwheel become a stand alone center piece in any setting while adding a little touch of our personnel signature piece.

Thank you for checking out our site and may GOD bless You!

Thank You & GOD Bless, Jarrett Sullivan You! .
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