Shipping on 8ft Water Wheels
can range from
 $450 and up
depending on where you live!!
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8ft Water Wheel

Our 8 foot Water Wheels are great for small, medium to large garden ponds,  lakes streams and rivers. Our 8 foot Water Wheels can be placed in yards, gardens or any landscaping need. 8 Foot Water Wheels Can be
purchased fully assembled and picked up at our shop or Shipped to you in pre-assembled kits for hard to get to places that trucks, tractors or lifts can’t reach, even indoors! 8 foot water wheels Built using  Weather resistant  screws!! 8 foot water wheels Bolted together  carriage bolts!! Wheels / Kits are broken down in 8 sections for easy reassembly.
Click here to see  Kit Assembly Details on our Water Wheels

Our 8 Foot  Water Wheels can be Picked up by buyer at our shop Fully
Assembled for the same price listed below, minus shipping charge..

8ft. Waterwheel  
* Standard width is 24″  ( 2″ Solid thick rim and Spokes)
** Treated & Stained ** All our Water Wheels comes Stained at No Extra Cost.
* Std. Axle is 2″ x 4ft long solid steel. Longer is available
* std. Bearings are 2″sealed  pillow block
* 1/4″ thick hubs are diamond plated on back for greater hold.
Ships freight-   Shipping weight is 650 lbs

$2895 plus  shipping & handling. 

This button DOES NOT Reflect Shipping Cost. We will Email
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ready to ship.

8 Foot Water Wheel & BARREL KIT  
Comes with every thing above in item #8FWO and Barrel kit. Barrel kit
includes, barrel, pipe, chains & hooks. Barrel comes ready for water
hookup. Pipe & Water spout are already installed. The pressure
treated 4x4s are not included . All measurements & details on Barrel
stand will be included with barrel kit.    
 Item # 8FT+B    

$3545 plus  shipping & handling. 

***We keep no extra stock, built on order only.. *Unless Noted
All water wheels built on a prepaid basis only and are usually shipped within 4 to 6 weeks.

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