Shipping on the 12ft Water
Wheel  can range anywhere
 $650 and up, depending
where you live!!
To find out your shipping cost
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12ft. Water Wheel

Our 12 foot Waterwheels are great for rivers, streams, large garden
ponds or lakes. The 12ft  Water Wheel makes a great focal point.
Built using over 800  weather resistant  screws!!
Bolted together with 64 carriage bolts!!
Kits are broken down in 8 sections for easy reassembly.

Click here to see  Kit Assembly Details on our Water Wheels

12 foot. Waterwheel
*std. Width is 24″ wide
2″ thick solid rim & spokes
** Treated & Stained **All our Water Wheels comes Stained at No Extra Cost
*std. Axle 2-1/2” x 4ft long solid steel  
*std. Bearings 
2-1/2” pillow block
* hubs diamond plated on back      
    Ships freight          
Shipping weight is 1150 lbs   

Order now for $6495 + shipping & handling

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***We keep no extra stock, built on order only.. *Unless Noted
All water wheels built on a prepaid basis only and are usually shipped within 4 to 6 weeks.

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